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Shooting Sports

Youth development is the primary goal of the 4‑H Shooting Sports Program.

A 4-H'er muzzleloading.

The program provides an outstanding way of providing human growth and development in the life skills identified by the National 4‑H Program. We strive to teach safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment at home, on the shooting range, or in the field, including sound decision making, self discipline, and concentration.

The 4‑H Youth Development Shooting Sports Program involves kids who have an interest in shooting sports and welcomes them into an accepting, caring group(who without appropriate intervention may be at risk for inappropriate use of firearms) and removes them from the profile above by taking their interest and turning it into an opportunity to help them develop into competent, caring and concerned citizens. The first thing they learn is safety. Next they learn discipline, followed by respect (respect for firearms as well as respect for people). They are not permitted to use the firearm until they prove they can handle those three prerequisites.

NJ 4-H Shooting Sports logo.

4‑H Shooting Sports Club members learn what it means to be a good citizen, to help others, and to respect others. They develop the skills necessary for success in the workplace as well as interpersonal relationships (life skills). 4‑H Adult Volunteer Leaders are positive role models and mentors for kids. They model and teach the kids character while they teach the kids the proper use of and respect for firearms and respect for other people. 4‑H Shooting sports programs offer youth who have an interest in shooting sports and firearms to develop into competent, caring and concerned citizens!