4-H Pollinator Habitat Ambassador Program

Pollinator species populations have been declining in recent years. The loss of pollinators threatens more than $180 million in the state's pollinator-dependent crops, such as apples and blueberries. New Jersey 4‑H, in partnership with several community organizations, will be establishing pollinator gardens and recruiting and training teens like YOU to become Pollinator Habitat Ambassadors. Our goal is to help Teen Pollinator Habitat Ambassadors to educate more than 250 younger youth about the important of pollinators in our state over the next year.

Which is why YOU are invited to be a Pollinator Habitat Ambassador this year!

Expectations of an NJ 4‑H Pollinator Habitat Ambassador

  • Complete six (6) hours of training on pollinators and pollinator habitats by 7/31/22. There are some opportunities listed below in this email (and more to come!)
  • Volunteer ten (10) hours teaching young people from YOUR community about the importance of pollinators—preferably in partnership with a community garden site or pollinator habitat organization (Deadline for volunteer hours is 11/30/22). You may already be part of a beekeeping 4‑H club or community garden—or, we can help match you with this opportunity.

Track both your training and teaching hours with this PH Ambassador time log (159k PDF)—due to eppinger@njaes.rutgers.edu. Attachment to an email is preferred!

Benefits of a Pollinator Habitat Ambassador

  • Certificate of Program completion mailed to you—great for resume and application writing!
  • Coordinator Laura Eppinger will provide a letter verifying program completion as well—and is available for reference requests.
  • Gain knowledge and experience, and have FUN!
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