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New Jersey 4-H Horse Project Resources

Educational Topics Rotation

Although questions may be about anything, the bulk of the questions in a given year will be base on the following schedule:

C (2014) - Anatomy and Physiology Reproduction Evolution History and Uses Management
A (2015) - Anatomy and Physiology Way of Going Health Colors/Markings
B (2016) - Anatomy and Physiology Breeds Nutrition including toxic plants Equipment

Required Reference Sources for 4-H Horse Bowl & Hippology

(as of 2013)

All the information covered in the educational contests may be found in one or more of the following publications:

*NOTE: In an instance where there is a conflict of information between sources, the most recent source (publication date) will prevail. For example, if there is a conflict between The Horse and Equine Science, Equine Science would be considered correct as it is a newer publication.

  1. NEWHOR - Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms, New Horizons Education Center, Inc. Alpine Publications, PO Box 7027, Loveland CO 80537 Phone - 1-800-777-7257 FAX - 970-667-9157
  2. EVANS 2nd - The Horse: (2nd edition), By Evans, Borton, Hintz, Van Vleck. W. H. Freeman and Company -660 Market St., San Francisco, California, 94104. A Special price may be available if ordered from publisher. Phone: 415-391-5870
  3. AYHC 1st - Horse Industry Handbook - By the American Youth Horse Council The Equine Collection - Dept. AYHC P.O. Box 1539 Fort Lee, NJ 07024-1539 phone - 800-952-5813 FAX - 201-840-7242
  4. LEWIS 2nd - Feeding and Care of the Horse (2nd edition), by Lon D. Lewis Williams and Wilkins, P.O. Box 1496, Baltimore, MD 21298-9724 Phone Number - 800-638-0672
  5. Jean T. Griffiths - Equine Science: Basic Klowledge for Horse People of All Ages or 1-800-952-5813 or ISBN # 978-1-929164-42-4 to order from your local bookstore
  6. Kainer - The Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy By Robert A. Kainer & Thomas O. McCracken.Alpine Publications Inc. P.O. Box 7027 Loveland, Colorado 80537 970-667-2017 or 800-777-7257
  7. NJSHSRB - New Jersey State Horse Show Rulebook (Current Year's Version)
  8. RUFS- Rutgers Cooperative Extension Fact Sheets (All Fact Sheets Found online at