NJ State 4-H Hippology Contest

Photo: 4-Her identifies  horse anatomy. Photo: Hippology. Photo: 4-Hers take quiz.

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Carol Ward:
The New Jersey 4-H Hippology Project is a unique and challenging aspect of the 4-H Horse Program. This educational project allows 4-H'ers to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the Horse Bowl and Horse Judging Projects as well as their competency in practical horse management.

The State Competition uses four different phases in which the 4-Hers express their equine learning through written quizzes, oral presentations and hands-on stations.

The Hippology project takes place throughout the year, and is a culmination of all activities that happen in the horse club. All information gathered during the year can be applied to Hippology. Like Horse Bowl, clubs can stage their own "mock" Hippology events. Developing your own "stations" is a fun, hands-on way for 4-H'ers to learn about different aspects of the horse.
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