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4-H Club Health Officers

Welcome to the 4-H Club Health Officer Program which is part of the Get Moving - Get Healthy with New Jersey 4-H initiative. Support for the program came from The Youth Voice: Youth Choice program which is funded by National 4-H Council and the Walmart Foundation.

The 4-H Club Health Officer program encourages each 4-H club in every county to incorporate health, fitness, and safety activities into their monthly meetings. Through this program, clubs will make the fourth "H", health, an important part of their club's activities.

The program involves clubs electing a 4-H Club Health Officer who is trained at a county training or by completing the online training. Each Health Club Officer will use the "New Jersey 4-H Club Health Activity Guide: Physical Activity" to conduct activities at club meetings. The Guide is available through your county 4-H office or can be downloaded above.

Members of the club may also use the "New Jersey 4-H Health Planner: Physical Activity" to record their progress towards monthly challenges. The Planner can be downloaded above.

If you have questions about the Club Health Officer program, please contact Brianna Boyd,