NJ State 4-H Animal Science Video Contest and Film Festival

At a Glance...

March 25, 2023 Round House
Rutgers' G. H. Cook Campus
New Brunswick, NJ
Chad Ripberger
Youth may work individually or as a team to create educational videos about alpacas, cats, cattle (beef/dairy), dogs, goats, herpetology, horses, llamas, poultry, rabbits, sheep, small animals, or swine to enter in the NJ 4-H Animal Science Video Contest. A selection of videos will be shared at the film festival during an afternoon session of the Junior Breeder Livestock Symposium. Youth of the top scoring videos will receive awards. Videos will be scored on educational value, creativity, clarity, pacing, and technical quality (sound, lighting, etc.). Youth are encouraged to have fun and be creative in designing their video entries!
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