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Rutgers University Collegiate 4-H Club

Rutgers University Collegiate 4-H Club encourages student participation in 4-H activities--primarily community service--while at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Students promote the 4-H program to outside groups, the general public, and the Rutgers community. They maintain communication with the youth, leaders, and the agents in New Jersey and offer assistance in the program whenever possible.

Opportunities for the 4-H collegiate members are numerous, from leadership positions across the state to intern programs available through the National 4-H Council in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The following are some of the programs and events that the collegiate members are actively working on:

  • Assist with state 4-H Camp special events
  • Present at the Cook Campus 4-H and FFA Breakfast and Tour
  • Work at a table during Ag Field Day
  • Participate in the State 4-H Association throughout the year
  • Attend Regional and National Collegiate Conferences
  • Facilitate at the South Jersey 4-H Teen Conference
  • Help out with State 4-H Public Presentations

For more information, please contact the state 4-H office at 848-932-3700.