NJ State 4-H Shooting Sports Junior Small Bore Match

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Altaira Bejgrowicz:
The Junior Small Bore match is a way to give our Junior members a chance to compete on a state level as well as give them a chance to learn about precision and target shooting. The range standards are set up at closer distances than our senior matches, and the events are scaled down for our junior competitors.

As our Junior members excel in Air Rifle it is natural that they would want to move into Smallbore Rifle. The Junior Smallbore Match will have three components including 3Position, CMP Quick Fire, and Silhouette. The matches will be set up in distances that will allow our young shooters to gain confidence in their shooting ability. Coaching is highly encouraged, for each competitor. It is recommended that the competitors have participated in the Jr. Air Match prior to entering the Jr. Smallbore Match. Scopes on the rifles are not needed for any of the Junior events, however if your competitors are familiar with a scope, than they can use one. Standard velocity ammo will be used in all relays.
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