NJ State 4-H Shooting Sports Junior Air Rifle Match

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Altaira Bejgrowicz:
The Junior Air Rifle Match is a way to give our Junior members a chance to compete on a state level as well as give them a chance to learn about precision and target shooting. The range standards are set up at closer distances than our senior matches, and the events are scaled down for our junior competitors.

The Junior Air Match is a great learning experience for your members who are interested in learning the 3 Positions (Prone, Standing, Kneeling), and Silhouettes. This match is set up to properly teach our members how to perform on the line in a safe manor, follow range commands, learn how to hang targets, as well at teach them what a match is all about. Coaching is encouraged, every shooter is allowed to have a coach who will provide the shooter with help when pumping the gun, sighting in and positioning the shooter. Participants must be proficient in air rifle prior to attending the match.
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