Design It! and Explore It!

Afterschool STEM Training Program

Now enrolling afterschool sites for the 2020–2021 school year.

Rutgers 4-H has extensive experience in Design It! and Explore It! projects and is ready to train and equip your organization to bring this fun, engaging, and inquiry based program to children at your afterschool site(s).

  1. Design It!
  2. Explore It!
  3. Advanced Design It and Explore It

Sites are encouraged to start with Design It and then take Explore It the following year. Only sites who have completed both 1 and 2 should enroll in 3.

By purchasing a comprehensive Design It!/Explore It! package, your afterschool staff will receive all of the professional development, curriculum guides, materials kits, and support needed to successfully implement this year-round STEM program with youth at your site(s). Each of the six Design It! projects selected for 2020–2021 lasts about a month with youth meeting in their "Junior Engineer" clubs about once a week throughout the program. Similarly, each of the six Explore It! projects selected for 2020–2021 lasts about a month with youth meeting in their "Science Explorers" clubs about once a week throughout the program.

Photo: Lightbulb.

To save everyone time and money, we are centralizing the production of the materials kits and buying supplies and curricula in bulk – kit production is a very time consuming and tedious process. If your organization has multiple sites, we encourage you to order additional kits as needed for all of your sites.

This comprehensive and high-quality program was developed by the Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) in Boston and the National Partnerships for After School Science (NPASS) through support of the National Science Foundation. Our goal is to support your efforts with afterschool science, and we believe we have designed a program, in partnership with EDC, that will enable you and your staff to further transform the afterschool hours into a time of opportunity for kids. Please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information. We look forward to the chance to support your program's efforts around afterschool STEM.


Chad Ripberger
Rutgers Cooperative Extension
4-H Youth Development

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"This is one of the best PD workshops I've attended. Great hands-on activities, helpful tips, and skilled trainers who model the activities for us.  And my students loved it!"

– New Jersey 21st Century Community Learning Center Director

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