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NJ State 4-H Shooting Sports Fall Instructor Archery Workshop

New Jersey 4-H Shooting Sports Program is hosting a state workshop to certify or re-certify volunteer leaders as 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors. This workshop will feature training in: Archery and Rifle. Disciplines may be canceled due to low enrollment.

Participants will be certified to teach the discipline to youth participants as part of a formal 4-H Shooting Sports Program. Each state maintains its own standards for certification which may exceed those established by the National Committee. Participants may complete requirements in only one discipline. All equipment is supplied.

The workshops will focus on youth development, risk management and the shooting disciplines.

Instructor candidates must be 21 years or older, assistant instructors (18+ years of age) and Junior Instructors (16 to 18) are welcome. Candidates under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a paying adult. Adult candidates for firearm disciplines must have a current Firearms ID card (or proof of application) and all candidates must have completed the volunteer leader training and registration process in their respective County—NO EXCEPTIONS.