New Jersey 4-H Horse Project Resources

Educational Topics Rotation

Although questions may be about anything, the bulk of the questions in a given year will be base on the following schedule:

C (2014) - Anatomy and Physiology Reproduction Evolution History and Uses Management
A (2015) - Anatomy and Physiology Way of Going Health Colors/Markings
B (2016) - Anatomy and Physiology Breeds Nutrition including toxic plants Equipment

Required Reference Sources for 4-H Horse Bowl & Hippology

(as of 2013)

All the information covered in the educational contests may be found in one or more of the following publications:

*NOTE: In an instance where there is a conflict of information between sources, the most recent source (publication date) will prevail. For example, if there is a conflict between The Horse and Equine Science, Equine Science would be considered correct as it is a newer publication.

  1. NEWHOR - Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms, New Horizons Education Center, Inc. Alpine Publications, PO Box 7027, Loveland CO 80537 Phone - 1-800-777-7257 FAX - 970-667-9157
  2. EVANS 2nd - The Horse: (2nd edition), By Evans, Borton, Hintz, Van Vleck. W. H. Freeman and Company -660 Market St., San Francisco, California, 94104. A Special price may be available if ordered from publisher. Phone: 415-391-5870
  3. AYHC 1st - Horse Industry Handbook - By the American Youth Horse Council The Equine Collection - Dept. AYHC P.O. Box 1539 Fort Lee, NJ 07024-1539 phone - 800-952-5813 FAX - 201-840-7242
  4. LEWIS 2nd - Feeding and Care of the Horse (2nd edition), by Lon D. Lewis Williams and Wilkins, P.O. Box 1496, Baltimore, MD 21298-9724 Phone Number - 800-638-0672
  5. Jean T. Griffiths - Equine Science: Basic Klowledge for Horse People of All Ages or 1-800-952-5813 or ISBN # 978-1-929164-42-4 to order from your local bookstore
  6. Kainer - The Coloring Atlas of Horse Anatomy By Robert A. Kainer & Thomas O. McCracken.Alpine Publications Inc. P.O. Box 7027 Loveland, Colorado 80537 970-667-2017 or 800-777-7257
  7. AYHC- YL - American Youth Horse Council Youth Leaders Manual. By the American Youth Horse Council The Equine Collection - Dept. AYHC P.O. Box 1539 Fort Lee, NJ 07024-1539 Phone - 800-952-5813 FAX - 201-840-7242
  8. NJSHSRB - New Jersey State Horse Show Rulebook (Current Year's Version)
  9. RUFS- Rutgers Cooperative Extension Fact Sheets (All Fact Sheets Found online at

Supplemental References

The Dover Saddlery English Tack Catalog and Smith Brothers Western Tack Catalog may be used as supplemental references. These catalogs provide visual representations for questions relating to tack.

  • Dover Saddlery - Apparel, tack and horse care items, for the English rider To request a free catalog please visit or call toll free 1-888-234-6942
  • Smith Brothers - Apparel, tack and horse care items, for the Western rider. To request free catalog please visit or toll free 1-888-677-0450
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