Get Moving - Get Healthy

Get Moving Get Healthy with New Jersey 4-H.

Get Moving - Get Healthy with New Jersey 4-H is an interactive and fun way to learn healthy eating habits, portion sizes, the new Food Pyramid, and simple exercises. The program focuses on understanding MyPyramid, identifying portion sizes, and learning easy ways to exercise.

A key component of the program are activity kits that include the following activities - Exercise Challenge, Finding Your Pyramid, Healthy Plate, Measure Up, Portion Distortion, Read the Label, Serving Match, Think What You Drink, and What Counts. Each has a lesson plan and provides options for expanding the learning experience.

Arrangements can be made to borrow a kit or have your county extension professionals conduct an educational program for a club, school, or after-school program. The kit is also great for community health fairs since it provides quick and easy lessons.
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