4-H Connects Kids with Rutgers

Did you know that 4-H is your first connection to Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey? Rutgers and 4-H represent the national land-grant university system. 4-H can open doors to the great scientists and resources at Rutgers. RU into 4-H?

How is 4-H Connected with the University?

In 1914, Congress passed the Smith-Lever Act that created the Cooperative Extension Service. The purpose of the act was to enable the land-grant university to extend research and practical education to people where they live. New Jersey's land-grant institution is Rutgers University. Funding for Rutgers Cooperative Extension is provided by federal, state, and county govern­ments. Special programs may receive private funding.

Diagram of 4-H relationship in NJ.

The New Jersey Department of 4-H Youth Development encourages the teamwork of faculty, staff, and volunteers as we offer youth and adults high-quality personal growth opportunities. Faculty and staff concentrate on involving volunteers as stakeholders in 4-H at all levels and educating the public about 4-H Youth Development. Volunteers, as full partners in 4-H, contribute their unique talents, skills, and knowledge of our communities to provide personalized leadership with youth and adults.

RU into 4-H?
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