NJ State 4-H Rabbit, Cavy, Small Animal, Herpetology, and Poultry Educational Symposium

At a Glance...

February 28, 2015 Gloucester County 4-H Office
1200 N. Delsea Dr.
Clayton, NJ
Jeannette Rea-Keywood
856-459-1900 x4522
This one-day event will provide an opportunity for 4-H members involved in the rabbit, cavy, small animal, herpetology and poultry 4-H project areas to participate in a variety of educational events all in one day. Activities and events planned include: rabbit hopping contest, art show, avian bowl, animalology quiz bowl, skill-a-thon stations, reptile workshop, and poultry and rabbit showmanship workshops.
Rutgers New Jersey 4-H Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station