Personnel and Materials Needed to Hold a Contest

It is important to follow the State Contest rules as closely as possible in preparation for the actual event. The following are the personnel and materials you need to hold a contest:

  1. Study Books - The Official References are listed under the Hippology Rules in this Manual.

  2. Written Quizzes - Can be developed using the questions developed by club members for Horse Bowl.

  3. Slide Sets - Can be put together from slides taken by club members in their own barns and at horse events they attend.

  4. Horses for Judging - Visit various breeding farms and training stables in your area. This is a good source to start making a slide set, but ask your host for permission to take pictures.

  5. Stations - Make stations on poster board using magazine pictures, items purchased at tack sales or collected from forgotten corners of tack rooms.

  6. Volunteers - Are needed to make the event run smoothly. See the section entitled "Job Descriptions for Hippology Contest" to get an idea of the people you will need to help and what their responsibilities will be.
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