Online Training Transcript

Slide 1: Rutgers title slide

Welcome to the 4-H Club Health Officer Training of the Get Moving-Get Healthy program brought to you by Rutgers University.

Slide 2: I Am a 4-H Club Health Officer Now What?

Congratulations, you've been elected Health Officer for your 4-H Club! But you don't have any idea what the Health Officer does. Relax! By the end of this training you will know exactly what to do.

Slide 3: What is a Health Officer

  • Educates, inspires and leads members in achieving "Health for better living"
  • Provides information and activities to assist members achieve their healthy living goals

"We all need information and help to improve our eating habits and increase our fitness level. No one expects the health officers to be examples of perfect healthy living. Just do the best you can. Your job is to provide information and encourage all members to try the monthly activities. You are not the HEALTH POLICE! We never embarrass anyone by pointing out or criticizing their eating habits. Provide the information and encourage everyone to try." Remember to praise their efforts.

Slide 4: The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide - cover

The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide is your handbook. It provides all the information you will need to provide healthy activities and practices to your club members. As we review the guide remember that you can hit pause anytime that you feel that you want to review a page more carefully. Just move your cursor down to the lower left hand side of the page, a little paper will pop up, click on that and then click on pause. When you are ready to start again, go back down to that same little paper, click on it and then click resume.

Slide 5: The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide Add name

Please open your guide to the inside cover. Fill in your name, club and county. Hit pause to give yourself enough time. Later, please remember to complete the list of officers and the name and phone number of the county 4-H staff in charge of club officer support. You may need to call the 4-H office to obtain this information.

Slide 6: The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide Job Description

On page one you will find a complete description of your job. Let's go over this together.

  1. Serve as the chair of the 4-H Club Health Committee. Your club may decide to have a committee to arrange healthy snacks, guest speakers on health topics, or a health related community service project. If there are already members in charge of snacks, service projects, etc., they would become members of this committee.
  2. Work with other club officers and leaders to develop a yearly plan for including health activities in each 4-H club meeting. It is your responsibility to be sure your leaders and officers are aware of the activities available for each months meeting before the agenda is set. Most clubs will not have time to do all the activities each month so you will have to encourage the officers to make time for something each month.
  3. Use the 4-H Club Health Activity Guide to carry out one or more activity at each meeting. This may include:
    • Give the club secretary roll call ideas related to health. This is a quick and easy activity that can be included in every meeting. A different roll call activity is listed on each of the monthly activity pages.
    • Conducting an Instant Activity These are also on the monthly activity pages. Each instant activity takes from 5 to 15 minutes. If your leader and officers decide that there is time for the monthly activity, you should read it in advance several times so you are prepared to run it. Perhaps you could practice with your brothers and sisters.
    • Challenging club members to practice the Health H by making a plan to meet the monthly health challenge found in the 4-H Club Health Activity Guide and 4-H Health Planner. It should take 5 minutes to review the previous month's challenge and another 5 minutes to present this month's challenge. Try hard to get this into the monthly agenda because it will encourage club members to think about their eating choices all month.
    • Give nutritious snack ideas to the person(s) responsible for club refreshments. Please do this well in advance of the meeting.
    • Work with the adult leader to have copies of the 4-H Family Handouts ready for club members to take home after each meeting. In 2010 only, you will be provided with enough copies of these handouts. You just need to remember to bring the appropriate sheets to your monthly meeting. If you will be absent from that meeting, please get them to the leader or an officer in advance.
    • Gaining support from members and leaders to do a community service project related to health.
  4. Show club members ways they can use the 4-H Health Planner
  5. Report activities and accomplishments to the club reporter and complete reports as requested.

At the bottom of the page are 10 helpful hints for you to review. You will also want to review the information on pages 5 through 7. Remember that you can pause this slide show anytime that you need to review material.

Slide 7: The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide

Now turn to pages 8 and 9. This guide at a glance gives you all of the possible activities for each month. Remember to review these with your leader and officer team before the agenda is set for the meeting. The Roll Call and Challenge are very brief so that they can be included in every meeting. Other activities can be scheduled if time allows.

Slide 8: The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide Monthly Activities

Please spend a few minutes reading the monthly activity pages to familiarize yourself with them. You can pause and return when ready.

Slide 9: The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide Background A

Take a good look at the food pyramid on this page. Does it resemble your daily diet? If so, the information on pages 28 and 29 may be helpful. When you have time, please share some of that information with the members of your 4-H club.

Slide 10: The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide Background B

With a little effort you and your fellow club members will be able to develop eating habits that more closely follow this pyramid.

Slide 11: The 4-H Club Health Activity Guide Family Health Activities

The Family Health Handouts. Once again this year and only this year 2010 these handouts will be provided to you in advance. Please store them in a safe place and be sure that the appropriate page makes it to the meeting. Your leader may want to be in charge of storing these so that they will be available if you miss a meeting."

Slide 12: 4-H Health Planner

The 4-H Health Planner. This will be given to each member of your 4-H club. You will be provided with enough copies at some time shortly after you complete this training. Encourage the members to bring them to every meeting. We will now take a quick look at how you will introduce the planner to your club members.

Slide 13: 4-H Health Planner Introduce Month

The first page has a list of healthy activities that your members might want to try on their own or with their families. Encourage them to record any activities they try on the appropriate calendar page. Turn to the January pages now.

Slide 14: 4-H Health Planner - January

Each month has 2 pages. The first gives information that relates to the monthly challenge. If there will not be time to go over this at meetings, encourage members to read it at home.

The second page presents the monthly challenge and a calendar where members should record their challenge activities.

January's challenge reads "List the snack foods you commonly choose in box A below. List healthy versions of your taste personality in box B. Now look down at the Hint: Healthy alternatives on previous page are in bold. For example: if you usually reach for candy try substituting strawberries or raisins. This month ask members to try this challenge at least 1 time per day on 5 different days. Draw a star on the calendar each day you succeed.

Remember after the first month you will check with members to see if they completed the challenge from the previous month before explaining the new one.

You will record the results each month on the end of the year record form in the back of your 4-H club health activity guide.

Slide 15: 4-H Health Planner - Certificate

Every member that completes all of the monthly challenges will fill out this form in September. You as the Health officer should sign this certificate as should the 4-H leader and the club president. Members can include a copy of this certificate in their record book.

Slide 16: Report March 12

This year we will need information for a special report. Please write down this website. You will go to this site between February 28 and March 12. Click on Health Officers and fill in the information. Please mark this on your calendar so that you remember.

Slide 17: Report October 1

Each year the health officers will finish their end of the year report after the September 4-H club meeting. Mail this to Annette Devitt at the address on the form as soon as your meeting is over!

Slide 18: Sponsors

We thank Walmart for their support of this program.

Slide 19: Credits

Please stay with me through the credits. The last slide is really important.

Slide 20: For More Information

Slide 21: Training Completion

Congratulations! You are now a trained 4-H Club Health Officer. Click on the clover to register your accomplishment with the New Jersey 4-H Program. You will receive your certificate in a few weeks.

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