New Jersey State 4-H Volunteer Association

The primary purpose of the association is to assist in maintaining and expanding a strong 4-H Youth Development Program in New Jersey.

Some of the functions of the association are to:

  • be an advisory group to the 4-H Youth Development chair, and the Director of Extension
  • initiate and implement support for statewide programs considered necessary for the growth and development of 4-H
  • provide liaison between Cooperative Extension Administration and the county 4-H related Extension youth program
  • evaluate the work of Cooperative Extension as it relates to 4-H and other Extension youth programs
  • represent the interests of 4-H groups in planning statewide Cooperative Extension youth programs
  • seek ways to gain the understanding and support of the public for 4-H and related Cooperative Extension youth programs
  • ascertain the need for and identify possible sources of private funds to supplement those funds available from public sources for the furtherance of the 4-H youth program

Please contact your local 4-H county office to see how you get connected with this state 4-H volunteer group.

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